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    Burndown and Velocity Example

Jay Conne Consulting  

Burndown Example Description
Burndown and Velocity Spreadsheet

There are a variety of commercial and non-commercial tools for tracking Agile/Scrum development team status including a wide variety of spreadsheets for capturing everything from product backlog, to burndown, team member task loading, and staff member time per project, feature and task.

This is my attempt to intensively present the team's self-management detail - capturing many dimensions of information in one, easy to understand view (ala Tufte).

This burndown and velocity tracking spreadsheet is an edited example from an actual project, used with permission. It has tabs for each of five 2-week iterations (Sprints) plus a tab to aggregate velocity information, and a template tab.

My intention is to narrowly focus the team on what the they need to self-manage their commitments. And this exemplifies the principles I teach of narrowly using the metrics: burndown and velocity. Any other use of these metrics can be misleading and counter-productive.

  • Burndown only helps the team inspect and adapt their ability to meet their commitments in one iteration
  • Velocity only helps the team make achievable commitments in future iterations.
  • .

The cosmetics of this spreadsheet requires manual effort that could be automated in future versions.

Comments or suggestions for improvement are gratefully welcomed.

This spreadsheet may be distributed and used with attribution and a link this introduction for any commercial or non-commercial purpose.

Copyright 2006-2007, Jay Conne

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